The Hasenöhrl Family and the Himmelreich Team

Your sincere hosts at our 4* accommodations close to Salzburg

Gertraud & Alois Hasenöhrl

To be a host, 
is a wonderful experience. 
Welcoming people, 
accommodating them, 
catering to their every need and 
ensuring they have an exceptional time, 
doesn’t only make guests happy, 
but also their hosts as well .

Words that are worth living!

We run our hotel, furnish our hotel, and put together our offers according to those words. This motto also applies to myself and my husband Alois.
Thanks to the hard work of our daughter Alexandra and our employees, I am no longer seen at the hotel every second of the day .

Alois Hasenöhrl, who was employed full-time in the auto industry until recently, will be happy to give you all kinds of excursion tips (hiking, biking, motorcycles, and vintage cars) over breakfast. The garden as well as the technical aspects of our business are also in his realm.

We both hope you enjoy browsing through our homepage. Go ahead and make your reservations at the Himmelreich now ...

... after all, the best time is always the very next moment.

Alexandra Hasenöhrl & Georg Schätzl

My main responsibility is working in the office and at the reception desk. Of course, you will find me throughout the house and can ask me any questions or share your requests with me. My husband Georg mainly helps out Alois Hasenöhrl in technical matters, as he does me and our 2 sons, of course .

I look forward to providing you with an unforgettable stay here.

What you grow in the field of life is more important than the size of the field!

Maria Herbst - Senior owner

For me personally, it is a unique and great feeling watching youth as they master a variety of tasks from day to day and bring their projects to fruition. I assist them with their various responsibilities and am always right there at their side to put out any "fires" that might pop up.

Through calm comes strength and through age comes experience.

Claudia und Sarah

At the reception desk as well as on the phone, we welcome you to Hotel Himmelreich. We are pleased to offer you the perfect holiday package. Your wishes, questions and suggestions are always our primary concern. We look forward to being here for you and providing you with an unforgettable stay, no matter whether you are a holidaymaker or a professional traveling on business! 

Whatever doorstep you may cross, may there always be someone there to welcome you!

(Old Irish saying)


I get started early in the morning and prepare a diverse buffet with the best local products - fresh juices, fruit, dairy products, cereals, cheese specialties, meat and sausages, egg dishes, and daily fresh treats from the oven.

In good weather, enjoy the first hours of the day on the large terrace, and let me pamper you with different coffee specialties and fine tea varieties. 

The early bird gets the worm

Marija, Shukri und Erika

We take care of all the laundry and the sauna area, and of course, we ensure that your room is nice and neat. We will also provide you with an extra pillow or towel, if needed. 

We place special importance on the room. We conjure up a romantic and alluring ambiance so that you can concentrate on the most important thing in your life...

We hope you have a wonderful time and a restful sleep at the Himmelreich! 

Heavenly freshness bathes all of the Himmelreich

We look forward to seeing you here!

Your hosts, the Hasenöhrl family,

as well as the entire Himmelreich team, are excited to welcome you to Salzburg.

Get to know us and our 4* hotel in Himmelreich just outside Salzburg

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