family Hasenöhrl and team

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Being a host is
a wonderful experience.
welcoming people,
hosting them,
entertaining them and giving them an
extraordinary time,
makes not only guests,
but also hosts happy.

family Hasenöhrl

Alexandra Hasenöhrl & Georg Schätzl

My main area of responsibility is mainly in the kitchen and office. Of course you will find me all over the house and you can entrust me with all your wishes and questions. With the help of Alois Hasenöhrl, my husband Georg is responsible for matters in and around the house and of course also supports me with our 2 sons.

I look forward to arranging an unforgettable stay with us. 

Maria Herbst - senior boss

For me personally, it is a great feeling to watch young people master their daily tasks and realize their projects. I support them with various errands and I'm always there when there's "a fire". 

In stillness lies strength and in old age there is experience.

Manuel and Peter

We warmly welcome you to the Hotel Himmelreich at reception and on the phone. We look forward to putting together the perfect holiday offer for you; Your wishes, questions and suggestions are our concern. We look forward to being there for you and to providing you with an unforgettable stay, both as a holidaymaker and as a working guest! 

Alexandra & Sabina

We start early in the morning and prepare you a varied buffet with the best local products - fresh juices, fruits, dairy products, cereals & Co, cheese specialities, meat and sausage products, egg variants and daily fresh delicacies from the oven.

The early bird catches the worm

When the weather is nice, enjoy the first hours of the day on the large terrace and let us spoil you with various coffee specialties and fine teas. 

Roya, Andrea & Hannah

We take care of all the laundry, the sauna area and of course that you will find a nice and clean room. You can also get the extra pillow or the second towel from

We pay special attention to the rooms, those that have something very special to say to each other - we conjure up a romantic and seductive atmosphere so that you can devote yourself to the most important thing in your life...

We wish you a pleasant time and a good night's sleep at the hotel Himmelreich! 

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